Con Norris/One Last Chance

CON NORRIS/ONE LAST CHANCE: For those who have read the stories of Blue Mitchell, this single book with its two stories details both the beginning of Con Norris’ ranch, up in the Nebraska sand hills, and Blue Mitchell’s last chance at finding a home where he is wanted, and a woman who can stand up to him even as she and her father need his protection. The two men, separated by hard years of surviving the Civil War and creating a ranch based on raising good horses, and a horseman come to the end of years with working young stock, have based their lives on honesty, hard work and a love of a fast horse. Con Norris comes to the end of his life unexpectedly, and Blue Mitchell is left homeless, wandering in the rain until fortune, fate or it could be called bad luck dumps him and his horse in a muddy arroyo. His involvement with the lives of an old man and a young woman from the past can lead him to destruction, or a well-earned peace.