River Wars

RIVER WARS: Third in the James Henry McCraw series. Patrolling the Texas/Mexican border in 1916 was the focus of the United States. Bandits charged across the Rio Grande and raised havoc in the small towns and ranches. Wounded in France before the United States entered the world war, Gideon Leander of Philadelphia is stationed in the Marfa, Texas air field, where pilots fly with the US Cavalry to chase those looting and killing along the river. First serving as a medic in the US Army, and then acting as an civilian, Gideon works with the town folk and soldiers to heal them as they battle with the enemy. His sanity in the mad world of skirmishes and ugly death is a friendship with Jim Henry McCraw, a survivor and rancher before Marfa existed, and his grand-daughter Josefina, a woman with her own standards. Taken from the two-volume history of Marfa, RIVER WARS details the chaos of the decade when horses in the military and civilian life were giving way to automobiles and airplanes. Review: enchantment.coop (Rural Electric Coop) February 2014 ‘River Wars is a strong, historical novel…A slow-cooked, savory read’